Mississauga Legends Row FAQ

Here, you’ll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about Legends Row.

What is Legends Row?

Inductees on Mississauga Legends Row will have their story presented on a display (approx: 6′ high) called a “TOTEM”. These three and four-sided structures will feature one inductee per facing. These displays will be featured along with Historical panels outlining the 12 small villages and hamlets and the early pioneers from those communities who made up the City of Mississauga at amalgamation in 1974.

Legends Row is Mississauga’s “Walk of Fame”. Induction into Legends Row is the highest honour a resident, or former resident can receive in our city.

Each year, our city will celebrate the achievements of several eminent Mississaugans, past and present, in the fields of


by profiling these leading citizens on Mississauga Legends Row with a descriptive plaque of their accomplishments.

Legends Row will also display commemorative interpretive profiles of the twelve small communities that made up the City of Mississauga at its amalgamation in 1974 including the pioneers who influenced our early growth and development.

Who are our Legends Row Inductees?

Legends Row inductees are born in or have lived in Mississauga for a significant amount of time. They are accomplished in many aspects of life in our city. Through their actions and deeds, they have brought spirit and pride to our community and their contribution has not only affected life in Mississauga, but as well, across Canada and even around the world. Their talents and achievements have helped inspire tomorrow’s leaders. All Legends Row recipients are, or were, special citizens.

Who selects Legends Row Inductees?

Each year, a committee of distinguished individuals, our Community Advisory Circle, along with the Legends Row Management Team, review nominations and make their selections for that year. Beginning in 2013, the nomination process will be open to all interested citizens of Mississauga through an on-line selection opportunity.

See Nominations Form

Totems Picture
Historic Panels

Where is Legends Row Located?

Mississauga Legends Row is located on the North-West corner of Celebration Square within the Colonnade at the entrance to the Jubilee Garden. This outdoor Walk of Fame will be available for everyone to enjoy 365 days of the year.

For more detailed information view the location page

Who are the people behind Legends Row?

Mississauga Legends Row is a citizen-driven, volunteer initiative operated by a group of like-minded community activists and leaders who take great pride in our city’s accomplishments.

Learn more about our Management Team.