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Bonnie Crombie
Mayor, City of Mississauga

Being named a member of Legends Row is the highest honour a citizen of Mississauga can achieve. On behalf of Mississauga City Council I would like to applaud the Legends Row organization for creating this lasting outdoor museum of our city’s past as well as recognizing some special people who have helped make us the great city that we are. This is an initiative that is long overdue and I’m certain will generate a great deal of enthusiasm amongst our citizens and the many visitors who come to Celebration Square in the years ahead.

David Wojcik
President & CEO, Mississauga Board of Trade

There is much for Mississauga to be proud of, and our community boasts many accomplished citizens that have exemplified national and global success, achievements and notoriety. The Legends Row initiative provides a wonderful opportunity to pay tribute to these outstanding individuals and to share their stories with the residents and visitors in our city for years to come - to educate and inspire.

Mike Douglas
Executive Director, Mississauga Arts Council

Legends Row distinctly recognizes and truly inspires the success stories of Mississauga's citizens who have contributed to weaving the rich culture and heritage of our community. It is a reflection of a great inheritance that is built on the foundation of many great pioneers in our city. Mississauga Arts Council is proud to have our founding Executive Director, Laurie Pallet be one of the Legends as we carry the torch forward in creating a legacy of arts for all.

C. Holland
Executive Director, Mississauga Sports Council

From our focus on sports, we see this initiative as a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate our sports legends. In addition to raising the profile of sports in our community, Legends Row aligns nicely with the Sports Hall of Fame and MSC recognition objectives, while providing collaborative promotional opportunities.

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