Selection Process

The nomination process is open to all interested citizens and organizations throughout the City of Mississauga and everyone is encouraged to be a part of the selection process.

Each year, the nomination process will be announced to the public via local media and on the Mississauga Legends Row website at least 10 weeks in advance of the selection process.

Nominations must be submitted by the established deadline to the head office of Mississauga Legends Row or through an on-line submission.

The Selection Committee will consist of 6 members of the Management Team and 10 members of the Community Advisory Circle.

The Community Advisory Circle will be made up of one (1) representative from each of the following:

  • Mississauga Arts Council;
  • Mississauga Board of Trade;
  • Mississauga Sports Council;
  • University of Toronto at Mississauga;
  • Sheridan College, Mississauga Campus;
  • Combined Trillium and Credit Valley Hospitals;
  • Heritage Mississauga;
  • A Member of the Media from Mississauga
  • Youth representative; and;
  • Member of Mississauga City Council.

A representative from the Culture Division of the City of Mississauga shall serve on the Circle as an ex officio member.

The Process

The Selection Committee is responsible for verifying that the Nominee information is accurate and truthful.

Any Nominee must be approved by at least 75% of the combined selection committee. The Chair may only vote in order to break a tie.

Any Nominee so selected by the Selection Committee must receive the unanimous approval through a vote by the Legends Row Management Team.

No current member of the Circle or the Legends Row Management Team past or present, or anyone directly related to a member of the Circle or the Management Team may be nominated as an inductee.

The number of annual inductees per year will be based on the applications received; the final selection does not require a specific number each year.

It is not a requirement that every category be represented each and every year.

Any category may have more than one recipient if the selection committee deems this appropriate.

Inductees may be awarded posthumously.